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Panos Barlas North West E-Mail Link
Jennie Longbottom East Anglia E-Mail Link
Kam-Wah Mak North East E-Mail Link

ATCHP has a small secretariat, which may be contacted by E-Mail on

ATCHP does not have a corporate headquarters with all the costs and unnecessary complexity that would entail. Instead, all the Acupuncture tutors work autonomously and can be contacted by E-Mail directly from the table above.

Although the tutors are listed under a particular region, most are prepared to travel anywhere within the UK and overseas.

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Run a Course at your Location

All our tutors are happy to run courses wherever required.

If you'd like to run a course at your hospital or clinic, simply contact the tutor of your choice and request the course you want.

Specialist Courses

A number of our tutors run courses in specialist topics, such as
~ Neurology
~ Oncology
~Women's Health & more.

Search for your topic of interest and contact the tutors involved.

Courses to meet your requirements

If you can't find a course to meet your needs, our tutors are happy to design a course to meet your specific requirements.

Simply contact the tutor[s] you'd like to teach your course by E-Mail.