Frequently asked Questions [FAQ] about Acupuncture Training

I'm a Physiotherapist - Do I need to join AACP? As a Physiotherapist, provided you are registered with the Health Professions Council [HPC] and you have had appropriate training, you may legally practise Acupuncture within your scope of practice as a Physiotherapist. There is no requirement to join any CIG or Professional Network [PN].
I'm a Physiotherapist - Do I need extra Insurance to practise Acupuncture? Almost certainly not. Please read this Insurance Information page for more information.
I'm an Osteopath - Can I attend courses advertised on the ATCHP website? Yes. ATCHP tutors welcome any health professional - including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nurses, General Practitioners, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and others.
I can't find a course I want in the programme? All scheduled courses are displayed in the Programme of Courses. However if you would like to arrange your own course at your own place of work, please E-Mail the Secretary and she will forward your query to a selection of tutors.
Are the tutors experienced practitioners? All ATCHP tutors have a wealth of clinical experience. Not only are the tutors highly skilled in their field, they all use innovative and successful teaching approaches to ensure the best possible learning environment.
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Integrated Courses

Several of our tutors now run courses integrating Acupuncture with Manual Therapy.

Search for your topic to find courses of interest.

Run a Course at your Location

All our tutors are happy to run courses wherever required.

If you'd like to run a course at your hospital or clinic, simply contact the tutor of your choice and request the course you want.

Courses to meet your requirements

If you can't find a course to meet your needs, our tutors are happy to design a course to meet your specific requirements.

Simply contact the tutor[s] you'd like to teach your course by E-Mail.